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Leatherwood Farms is a small, family-owned farm just south of Brundidge, Alabama. Over the past 7 years we (Barry and Leslie Leatherwood) have spent time building a family and quietly starting our own cattle herd of primarily Simmental and Angus cross cows, also known as Simangus cattle. We have 3 children, with Abby being the oldest and leading the way. In the middle is Preston with plenty of personality and always making us laugh. The youngest is Isaac, anxious to follow and keep up with his siblings.


    As we built our family and our herd, we tried to find exactly where we could fit into the cattle industry. On multiple instances we have been made fun of because of how well our cattle are maintained.  It soon became clear that selling calves to people interested in farm-raised beef was our route! We have a hardlined stance on using the top genetics in the Simmental and Angus breeds to produce the quality in beef that we and our customers expect. Also, since day one, steroids are not allowed on our farm, period! We don't believe it's good for our family or yours!


In early March 2020, we decided to quit procrastinating and go ahead with our intentions to start our Facebook page.  We wanted to give it a name that best describes what we really are about and what we do! So after several attempts, we finally decided on "Southern Craft Beef". We feel that between the craftmanship and genetics that are poured into what we do, we give you the best quality calf for the best price for your family in the southern United States!!!

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